Governing Boards

Innovation, Technology and General Services (ITGS)

The Innovation, Technology and General Services (ITGS) is a Council Committee that oversees the following areas in City Government, and other related functions of these departments not elsewhere specifically assigned:

  • Information Technology Agency - Information systems, enhanced delivery of service, rough adoption of technology, departmental technology initiatives; City telephone services; cable television franchises and matters relative to the Telecommunications Trust Fund;
  • General Services Department - Acquisition and sale of City property; City building security, except for Civic Center; City building services; mail services; City employee parking; pool vehicles; printing and duplicating; purchasing; storage and distribution of supplies; messenger services.
  • City Clerk except the Elections Division - record retention and destruction;
  • City Mall and Parking Authority

The Information Technology Oversight Committee (ITOC)

The Information Technology Oversight Committee oversees the City's Information Technology activities, investments, and coordination. ITA serves as a primary adviser to the Committee. This oversight includes, but is not limited to:

  • Reviewing and developing proposals for significant IT infrastructure investments in the City with a goal of achieving standardization and economies of scale.
  • Reviewing and developing proposals for significant IT systems projects in the City, including project plans, goals, and impacts.
  • Oversight of significant ongoing IT systems and infrastructure projects.
  • Reviewing and proposing significant initiatives related to IT services in the City, such as consolidation proposals.
  • Reviewing or developing and approving significant IT policies in the City, such as policies related to e-mail retention or security.
  • Developing, with the support of ITA, new IT initiatives including those related to infrastructure, systems, policies, and services.

The Committee membership consists of the CLA, CAO, and Mayor's Office (C.F. 09-1714). These offices are the three primary oversight entities in the City. ITA attend as an ex oficio member to present reports and recommendations as needed.

Information Technology Policy Committee (ITPC)

The purpose of the IT Policy Committee (ITPC) is to establish Citywide Policy and Standards that will promote communication, collaboration, consistency, and effectiveness. The Committee is comprised of Director of Systems and Senior IT Managers from the City departments. Subcommittees are utilized to help develop policies on IT topics that require specific expertise.

The IT Policy Committee meets monthly and reports quarterly to the Board which is comprised of CAO, Mayor and CLA.

Information Technology Technical Committee (ITTC)

Under the direction of the ITA General Manager Steve Reneker, the Information Technology Technical Committee (ITTC) has been formed in an effort to ease vendor coordination and maintain consistency in communications with the vendors whose product the City has either standardized on, or being considered to be a City standard. A vendor will be invited to the monthly forum to conduct a presentation based on the input from the respective Departmental IT staff. This technical forum is geared towards a more technical audience and focusing on the features, tips, techniques, strategy and roadmap on the product or service deemed City standard. Our main objective is to help the decentralized departmental support staff to become more familiar and knowledgeable with various core products in order to promote higher utilization and provide better support to their end-users. Working closely with our partners, ITA is committed to providing leadership and facilitating efforts in helping the City Departments to take full advantage of the available resources and latest technology in order to improve productivity for the City.