About ITA

Los Angeles is embracing technology at a rapid pace and our community is being widely adopted as one of the key technology hubs in the United States.

The Information Technology Agency (ITA) has a team of highly skilled professionals committed to delivering a variety of services including 311, Channel 35, Radio Communications, Police and Fire Dispatch support, and all other aspects of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

ICT is decentralized within the City of Los Angeles and the ITA provides centralized core services for the data and voice networks, radio systems, and a data center which primarily services applications which cross multiple city departments (Financials, Payroll, Procurement, LA Tax, City Internet (Lacity.org).  These mission critical services are provided 24 hours a day 7 days a week to keep the operations of the City running effectively.

A newly designed Lacity.org website makes access to City services easier than ever before.  Social media feeds and real time video access to LA Cityview 35 and other live audio and video services make access to government meetings any place in the world.  Citizen access to 311 is now available from mobile devices at the iTunes or Android store using MyLA311 and also a web based form on the home page of Lacity.org.  Non-emergency services can now be reported anytime in efforts for all Citizens to keep our community clean and beautiful. Employees and residents can use MyLA311 to communicate with the City (code violations, graffiti, missing trash pickup, potholes, broken streetlights, damaged trees, etc).

The ITA utilizes a project management methodology to delivery on the projects and priorities of all departments and our elected officials.  Standards and architectures are reviewed and approved through an Information Technology Policy Committee (ITPC), which includes representation from all City departments (except the proprietary departments of LA World Airports, Ports of Los Angeles, and the  Los Angeles Department of Water and Power which operate their own IT organizations).